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Garner House 2nd Floor Restoration

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Autumn 2023:

John Neiuber, President | David Shearer, Executive Director

We are excited to report that Phase Two (second-floor bedrooms, den, dressing room, bathrooms, and sleeping porch) of “Our House,” the campaign to restore the historic Garner House, home to Claremont Heritage in Memorial Park, is well on its way to completion, with 99 % of the work on the upstairs completed. The restoration of the children’s bath (demolished in the 60s) has been completed and is true to the original plans. The children’s bedrooms and sleeping porch, the adult wing, including the primary bedroom, dressing room, den, two bathrooms, and guest bedroom have been completed with only some minor floor refinishing and the installation of appropriate fixtures left to do.

All wall treatments, flooring, and fixtures are period-appropriate to reflect the look and feel of the home when Bess and Herman Garner and their sons lived there and entertained Claremont’s citizenry. Much of the funds have been raised, and we thank you for your generous gifts!

But we still need your help. Due to the increased costs of materials, some more than 200%, $20,000 is still needed to pay for the second-floor restoration that will finish the entire Garner House restoration.

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more will have their names recognized on a plaque. Donors who contribute less than $1,000 will be added to the “furnishings and fixtures” recognition from Phase One.

Once again, you can make a pledge and make monthly payments toward that pledge, allowing you to make a greater donation than you could on a one-time basis. Or if you know someone with the ability to donate, please let them know about this important community project.

In addition, we still have a few “Named” areas (Main Floor including Livingroom, Library, Entryway and Gift Shop, Office Wing, Courtyard Stage, Courtyard Lower Level), that are available for sponsorship. $100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used for the restoration project of this treasured residence now owned by the citizens of Claremont.

Please contact David Shearer at 909-621-0848 or director@claremontheritage.org if you would like more information about room sponsorship. Visit us at www.claremontheritage.org to donate online or send your check to Claremont Heritage, PO Box 742, Claremont, CA 91711.

Please Step Up to help us Move On Up!

Thank you in advance for your support!

CLAREMONT HERITAGE • 909.621.0848 • info@ClaremontHeritage.org
Located in the historic Garner House at Memorial Park, 840 N. Indian Hill Blvd, Claremont California
Mailing Address: PO Box 742, Claremont CA 91711