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Who We Are and What We Do
Claremont Heritage, a non-profit, inclusive, community-oriented membership organization, is the city’s largest membership organization devoted to the preservation of the history and historic character of Claremont. We:
• Archive and share Claremont artifacts, oral histories, historic properties and tree surveys, maps and photos
• Offer tours, lectures, films and workshops for school children, community groups, and the general public
• Support individual homeowners, Claremont city staff, architects, landscape and interior designers, contractors, developers and realtors by providing access to historical and archival information
• Recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to preservation of Claremont’s historical resources and cultural heritage
In these ways, we seek to communicate to residents and visitors the qualities that make our city unique and to promote the value of preserving our neighborhoods, cultural resources, the built and natural environments and their histories.

Why Historic Preservation Matters
As a community we are given the opportunity to preserve and protect significant resources that contribute to our historic experience. Encouraging each generation to utilize the best of contemporary thought and technology without rejecting our history, culture and traditions, creates a sense of continuity and diversity that is the very fabric of our unique community.

Community Impact and Accomplishments

Claremont Heritage has been instrumental in saving a number of Claremont’s historic landmarks from demolition to be renovated for adaptive re-use and contribute to the community. Properties include: Packing House, Depot, Old School House and Padua Hills Theatre. We proudly gather information about our neighborhoods, offer workshops and lectures on a variety of topics related to Claremont, and share our history and heritage with the city’s school children among many other activities in support of the community, including:
• Administer the state-mandated 3rd Grade History Program
• Publish information about Claremont's historical and cultural heritage
• Assist homeowners with renovations, restorations, property history and more
• Collaborate with organizations to help preserve and provide stewardship for Claremont's historic resources

Going into third grade classrooms with the Claremont History trunk makes the past 124 years come alive. Opening historic homes for tours and guiding visitors around our town and the Claremont Colleges invites other to appreciate our history. Sponsoring lectures and workshops by historians, artists and planners helps us understand how to bring the past into the present and future development of our community.

Claremont, like all cities, continues to change, but its historic foundation and character remain intact. It is your support which makes the voice of preservation strong. Please join or renew your membership in Claremont Heritage today and help save Claremont’s past for its future.

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Any gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to help preserve Claremont and our cultural history for future generations to enjoy. Claremont Heritage is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.